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Dialogue Books - About Us

The founder of this organization and website has always been a bookworm ever since she was kid. She loved reading books anytime and anywhere. She also makes sure that she always has a stack of new books in her room and would always bring one in her bag wherever she goes. Because of her fondness for books, she decided to become a writer since it was what she loved the most other than reading. The founder became successful in this field and continued to pursue her profession. She eventually met other people whom she shared interests with. Meeting these people helped her create this organization and this online bookshop as well. They supported each other’s ideas and gained a lot from other people too.

Dialogue Books is now hugely successful after several years of establishment. The people behind this great online shop wanted nothing more than to give the satisfaction of finding a lot of books. Since they all shared the same interest and love, they understood people who want to gain more and more knowledge and find entertainment through books. They decided to put up to 5,000 book titles in the catalogue since it would be a bit too much to put everything they have access to. It’s also a great idea for them to make a forum and create book reviews. These reviews are done every other week and the books they review are dependent on the readers’ requests. By doing this, people can find more interesting books they want to buy and see what other people think of it as well.

Their mission from the very beginning was to give satisfying services for bookworms like them. This organization hopes that their purpose will remain for a long time. We also wish for you to consider finding interesting books here with us.