Dialogue Books : Are you looking for an online book shop where you can find your favorite books out of thousands?

Or are you looking to add more books to your collections? Whether you want to do the former, the latter or both, you came to the right place because Dialogue Books is here to help you.

As bookworms, we always want to find more and more books, whether fiction, non-fiction in whatever genre that we want to read. We often feel empty when we can’t lay our hands and eyes into new ones. Of course, we will have our most favorite collections but we still can’t help but look for more and want new things to read and add on to our bookshelves. We cannot keep rummaging through the stacks of books in our garage doors in Peoria and read them over and over again.

This website is perfect for those who keep looking for more and more books to read. Dialogue Books will never have more than 5,000 titles listed in our catalogue. However, we have access to more than 500,000 titles so if ever you don’t find the one you’re looking for, you can message and contact us anytime so we can help you out. This is because we have a big database of books at our fingertips.

People often make mistakes and just give up in our online bookshop when they can’t find the books they are looking for. That’s actually a big problem for us because as we said, we only show 5,000 book titles in our catalogue but we have more access than that. Just feel free to ask questions regarding the titles you are looking for and we might be able to help you. Don’t depend too much on the catalogue but trust us, instead. If you need any help, we’re just one email away. We will be more than glad to help you buy and find the most interesting books for you.


Although we have access to more than 500,000 book titles, the past few years made us improve our shop and collect more titles to share. Year by year, we add more than 3,000 books to our main database but we choose not to share all for our catalogue has only limited space. Even if we cannot post them all here in this website, they are still available in our shop.

You can also see some book reviews here in our website to know more about these available books. People can choose a certain title and request for us to create a book review every other week. You might also join our forums and share thoughts about our shop and books you are very interested in. So far, many readers love our services and the reviews we post became a great help in terms of finding something new to read and buy. If you are curious about more books, feel free to message us and ask about anything.