Most people get curious about how to use our website and buy from us. Some even get confused since they can’t find the books they are looking for. To give you more information and details in using our website and buying from this online shop, here are some of the frequently asked questions that would give you the answers to clear up confusion and curiosity.

Dialogue Books - FAQs

How can I buy from your online bookshop?

You may proceed to our catalogue area and look for the books you are interested in and purchase it by clicking the ‘buy’ button. If you cannot see the one you’re looking, just message us on our email address and we will gladly help you find the book you want to access. After finding it, you may now go on with purchasing the item.

I am new to this page and I actually loved it at first when I bought my first book but I can’t seem to find my favorite book anymore, what should I do?

If you cannot find the other books you want to buy on the catalogue, message us at our contact emails and we will give solutions to your problems as soon as possible. We can help find these books for you and message you personally for update. If you face this type of problem again, just feel free to contact us anytime.

Why don’t you put the other books you have access to on the catalogue?

We know that it will be so much easier for customers to find the books on the catalogue. Unfortunately, it only has limited space so it’s still impossible for us to do so. But don’t worry, our team is working on improving our catalogue to add more book titles we have access to.